Swab Sampling Guide

Swabs are for use in hard to reach areas where surfaces may not be flat enough to press a tape slide onto.

Swabs have a dual use, in that they can be used for direct microscopic exams and can be saved for a short period of time in case culture of viable fungi is requested.



  • The area swabbed should be indicative of what the entire surface looks like. Whenever possible, a measured area (cm2) should be entirely swabbed and the amount of area entered on the COC.
  • Sample location should be marked on the swab enclosure.
  • To use the swab, squeeze the bottom of the enclosure to saturate the swab with the buffer enclosed.
  • Remove the swab and rub it over the area of interest.
  • Place the swab back in the enclosure and store in a cool dry place until delivery to the laboratory.