Our Laboratory

Like you, we understand that Proficiency Testing/Quality Assurance/Quality Control for the labs you rely on is of paramount importance when you seek a professional service.

We operate in accordance with ISO 17025 and are active participants in the AIHA EMPAT Fungal Spore Analysis Proficiency Testing program, with our staff having  achieved and held "Proficient" status for over 3 years now, with some staff having completed the McCrone Research Institute’s IAQ Fungal Spore Course.

The Standards and Guidelines we utilise routinely for the delivery of the services we offer you include the relevant ASTM Methods for Bio-Tapes, Air-O-Cells and other Spore Traps and those prescribed by ISO 16000 for the collection of airborne bacteria & moulds and their culture, counting and identification.

We provide culturing services for viable mould using a range of media to best identify a wider range of fungi. 

Finally, we use Mould Specific Quantitative PCR (MSqPCR) at present  – Please see our ERMI page for more info!