Wall Sampling Guide

Wall Sampling Guide with Air-O-Cell  Cassettes

Calibration and Preparation

1. Calibrate BioPump with representative Air-O-Cell Flow Rotameter to desired flow rate (15 L/min is recommended). Remove cassette after calibration.

2. Use drill with bit to create a 10mm  hole in wall 75  to  150mm from floor.

Caution: Drill slowly to minimize aerosolization of gypsum dust.

3. Insert angled end of Air-O-Cell Wall Adapter tubing into hole.

4. Prepare a "vacuum" cassette by removing labels from inlet and outlet of a cassette. Attach rectangular end of adapter to cassette inlet. Use "vacuum" cassette only to collect excess dust.

5. Turn on pump for 10 seconds. Turn off pump. Remove "vacuum" cassette and set aside for re-use.


Sampling Tip: Take a sample from a non-suspect wall cavity to use as a negative control.

1. Remove sealing labels from a new cassette and attach to adapter without disturbing adapter tubing in wall.

2. Turn on pump and sample for two minutes.

3.Disconnect adapter and cassette. Before replacing sealing labels on cassette, hold it up to the light. If you cannot see through the slide, discard cassette and take another sample. Continue sampling until a usable sample is obtained.

4. Seal cassette inlet and outlet with sealing labels, label cassette, and ship with blanks to a laboratory for analysis.