Mould Assessments

From DIY Kits to home and commercial assessments, MouldLab provides a range of consulting services to suit your needs and budget.  

Our full Home and Commercial Assessments include:    

  • Air and Surface mould and bacteria sampling  
  • Temperature, RH, Dew Point, CO2, CO, TVOC, Particulates and Moisture Readings  
  • Boroscope inspection of cavities.
  • Sub-floor and roof void inspection where required (in line with OH&S confined spaces safety standards)
  • Full Laboratory Analysis and Report  
  • Air-conditioning plant inspections (Commercial Assessments)  
  • Assessing potential VOCs from nearby industries and Environmental Considerations (Commercial Assessments)  
  • Formaldehyde Monitoring if required (Commercial Assessments)
  • Referrals to relevant industry specialists