Laboratory Services

Our fully equipped laboratory is under the direction of David Lark, one of Australia’s leading Mycologists with over 40 years experience.   

Our laboratory can provide you reliable and timely analysis of your samples from locations anywhere in Australia, including:    

  • Airborne and Surface Fungi  
  • Airborne and Surface Bacteria  
  • Bio Tapes  
  • ViaCells  
  • Air-O-Cells  
  • Material Samples  
  • Biological Indicators
  • Endotoxins
  • Glucans
  • Mycotoxins

For samples collected outside Australia we request you contact

We stock a range of consumables including Zefon Air-O-Cells, ViaCells, BioTapes, plus Sampling Swabs and produce our own 4-plate sampling media - mould and bacteria agar plates for undertaking air  & surface sampling.

Clients who purchase the 4 Plate System and return the samples to our laboratory for analysis will not be charged for these plates as long as they return the samples to our laboratory for analysis.

MouldLab has a range of equipment for hire at competitive daily rates, including:

  • Air Sampling Pumps  
  • Continuous Bioaerosol Samplers