Carpet Dust Sampling Guide

Carpet Dust (Vacuum) Sampling Procedure

  • The dust collection attachment (see below) has stoppers in both ends. Remove the rear stopper and make sure collection basket is inside of the unit. Save the stopper.
  • Attach to vacuum cleaner and remove the stopper from the front of the unit. Save the stopper.
  • If the individual is experiencing allergenic reactions, pick the room they spend the most time in. A good selection would probably be their bedroom.
  • Tape off an area approximately 1 x 1 Metre. Vacuum the entire area inside the area selected.
  • Check the collection basket to make sure that there is sufficient dust collected. If it is less than 1⁄2 filled, collect another 1 x 1 Metre.
  • Try to collect enough dust for at least a 1⁄2 full basket.
  • Put the stopper back into the front part of the collection unit and detach unit from vacuum cleaner
  • Put the other stopper into the rear of the unit.
  • Place the unit into a mail envelope and send to the lab for culturable mould/bacteria or MSQPCR - ERMI or allergen testing.