IAQ Monitoring


Continuous bioaerosol samplers (CBS) are used to monitor the airborne concentrations of bioaerosols present in the air at your location. The system impinges bioaerosols onto an adhesive tape at 10 litres/min and the drum holding the tape rotates at 2mm/hour  -  one rotation/week.  

The drum is returned to the laboratory each week where the tape examined microscopically and the data reported graphically or averaged. Transient peaks in mould spores or other bioaerosol pollution can be detected and the time of occurrence pinpointed.  

CBS Equipment can be used in:-    

  • OH&S studies  
  • Remediation sites where containment needs to be confirmed  
  • Anywhere that unattended continuous bioaerosol detection is required  
  • Locations where long term data is useful.