HERTSMI-2 Testing

HERTSMI-2 Testing


HERTSMI-2 is a mould test that analyses the dust sample provided for 5 moulds. These moulds are known as the "Big 5". HERTSMI-2 is an acronym for Health Effects Roster of Type Specific Formers of Mycotoxins and Inflammagens - 2nd Version.

How does HERTSMI-2 Differ from ERMI Testing ?

HERTSMI-2 differs from ERMI Testing in a few ways;

  • HERTSMI-2 Testing looks at 5 moulds, ERMI looks at 36 mould species.
  • The ERMI gives the result as a easy to understand comparison to an established database of water damaged buildings and non water damaged buildings.
  • As HERTSMI-2 Analyses for 5 moulds and is cheaper to do the analysis compared to 36 for the ERMI.

Which Mould Species are identified in HERTSMI-2 ?

Aspergillus Penicilloides
Aspergillus Versicolor
Chaetomium Globosum
Stachybotrys Chartarum
Wallemia Sebi

How Can the HERTSMI-2 Score be used ?

A HERTSMI-2 score <10 is indicative that the building is safe for re-occupancy.


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