Fast Facts About Mould

  1. Mould, mushrooms and yeast are all types of fungi.  
  2. Fungi are found both indoors and outdoors, all around us.
  3. Mould can be different colours as well as furry, slimy or powdery. Some have musty, stale or earthy odours, many have no odour at all
  4. Mould needs water, oxygen and food to grow. It can grow almost anywhere there is water, high humidity or damp conditions.
  5. Some people are allergic to moulds and others may be immuno-compromised by it.. The most common symptoms of mould exposure are cough, congestion, runny nose or trouble breathing. Mould can also worsen asthma symptoms or other allergies.
  6. Bleach and other chemicals may kill mould but even the dead mould may be dangerous. 
  7. Painting over mould will not kill or seal it up.
  8. Just because you can’t see mould, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
  9. The best way to prevent mould is to remove the water and moisture sources.
  10. Before you consider cleanup you should detect and repair the moisture source first. Otherwise mould will return.

Remember - if in doubt, consult a professional.